Besides helping my husband and sons on "Garthowen" I am a very active member of Tamworth & District Cat Club & I have served on the committee ever since I joined the club.


I have just stepped down from being President which I held the position for several years and now I am on the general committee.

I have gained so much from being on a small committee and what I gained in knowledge of all cat breeds in Australia I would not have learnt if I had not held served on the committee.

With this knowledge I now can help anyone that needs to be pointed in the right direction to the breeders I know personally.


Garthowen Siamese is a well know cattery throughout Australia as having only Pure breed Lines of Siamese to which I am very proud of.


We at Garthowen are proud to announce that we are affiliated with Cats NSW Inc.

Grand Daughter and kitten playing

at Garthowen homestead 2017